Why are security patches important?

You may have heard of a bug repairer or fixer and that’s exactly what a security patch is designed to do. A patch is a piece of software that is added to an existing system often after a security breach to safeguard other data that may not have been affected in the initial breach.

In the best-case scenario, a patch can protect against a breach occurring if the weakness is caught early. Security patches might sound intense, but for the IT professional it’s as common as downloading and updating anti-virus software.

Why are security patches important?
The main reason is that they address known vulnerabilities within software systems. Once these flaws or weaknesses become known, cybercriminals begin looking for ways to exploit them. The sooner a security patch is installed, the faster your business can restore protection and security against a threat.

I am concerned about the weaknesses in our organisation’s cyber-security. What can I do?
Implementing the recommended updates is half the battle. Make sure your organisation is conducting updates regularly to ensure a good base level of security.

Secondly, give us a call.

At Virtual IT Group, we use technology to monitor and manage the IT environments of many organisations with the utmost efficiency. Our automated solutions stop problems from happening and restore services as quickly as possible.

We provide ongoing maintenance
Our proactive maintenance applies the latest patches, including critical and security patches to ensure that your IT systems are up-to-date.

Access to Expert IT Consultants
Our team of expert IT consultants will develop a tailored IT strategy, designed to suit your organisational needs and requirements.

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